GInI ReBrand

It is with great pleasure and excitement that today the Global Innovation Institute announces a significant brand refreshening.  While the Institute itself is not changing – its mission, vision, values, and business model all remain the same – its brand persona – its face to the public – is receiving a significant modernization.  As part of this, you will be seeing four (4) major changes, namely:

  1. A new abbreviation 
  2. A new logo 
  3. A new web site
  4. A new domain 

In the coming days, as you begin accessing and using GInI’s new identity at, you will see all of these new brand elements in place.  Similarly, the Institute’s official documentation and marketing materials will also reflect this new brand identity.

This brand refreshening will empower GInI to further carry out its mission, and to expand its presence and influence around the world.  We eagerly look forward to the new GInI brand becoming ubiquitously recognized, and to all that GInI stands for becoming the hallmark for innovation leadership in every corner of the world.

We invite you to join us in evangelizing the Global Innovation Institute brand and in fostering within businesses everywhere the power of innovation that GInI stands for.  We know that together we can help businesses master innovation and harness its power to make the world a better place for all.

For the journey ahead,

Anthony Mills
Executive Director
Global Innovation Institute (GInI)®
Grand Rapids, MI 49503 USA

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