Authorized Innovation Provider (AInP)®

Authorized Innovation Provider (AInP)®GInI Authorized Innovation Providers (AInPs)® are organizations that GInI has authorized to provide GInI’s services and products. A Local AInP is limited to operate within its country of registration whereas a Global AInP is at liberty to operate in multiple countries.

The AInP benefits all organizations who have employees or students in the adult learning field, including corporations, government agencies, universities, colleges, and training centers. In order to earn designation as an AInP, providers must meet or exceed the standards of quality and effectiveness established by GInI.

Major Benefits of Becoming an Authorized Innovation Provider

1. Partner with the Leader
The Global Innovation Institute is the global leader in Applied Business Innovation.
Through its subject matter experts in strategic innovation, innovation management, and innovation methods, GInI has established itself as a global thought leader in how to make business organizations agile, responsive, and resilient through sustained innovation. By partnering with GInI, you can have full confidence that what you learn – and what you teach – will always reflect the latest in innovation thought leadership.

2. Highest Quality
The Global Innovation Institute is committed to providing the highest quality learning through its course materials, web site, and other resources. GInI constantly reviews the content of its materials to ensure they meet all globally-accepted standards in the field of Innovation.
GInI AInPs gain access to our world-class training materials with very low upfront investment.

3. Continuous Improvement
Your organization and the people it touches all strive toward continuous improvement. GInI is no different. Our focus is 100% completely dedicated to the use of innovation for the real-world challenges businesses face every day – to their need to deliver real results today, tomorrow, and the day after that. In this way, GInI is committed to continuous improvement, and to both staying on the cusp of innovation’s cutting edge, and to helping blaze its trail. You can rest assured, as a part of the GInI community, you will always be a part of the thought leadership in innovation.

4. Global Brand
The Global Innovation Institute, and GInI, are globally-recognized brands. Upon becoming a GInI AInP, your organization will gain immediate recognition and credibility. This will allow your business to grow as you continue reaching our ever-expanding community of innovation leaders worldwide. Certification as a GInI AInP gives you the training provider an exclusive advantage, and your students the confidence they need by knowing their certifications are backed by the world’s leading authority in applied innovation.
GInI AInPs are the only organizations authorized to offer IDUs and contact hours pre-approved by GInI.

Privileges of Becoming an AInP

Becoming an AInP allows your organization to:

1. Provide GInI approved services for the following certifications:
        C- Innovation Endorsement 
2. Use the GInI AInP logo on its training materials, website, and marketing promotions.
3. Sell the GInI Applied Innovation Master book®.
4. Develop business in collaboration with academic institutions.
5. Access the AInP online administration portal.

Registration Fees

Fee Class  Local AInP Global AInP Non-profit Organizations or Public Universities
 First Time License + Administration Fee 3,500 USD 7,500 USD Contact Us
 Annual Renewal Fee 1,000 USD 3,500 USD Contact Us


The process for applying for certification as a GInI AInP, and for being approved as such, involves the following steps:

  1. Your organization will complete the application form. On that form, you will indicate whether you are applying for status as a Local or Global AInP. A Local AInP is limited to operate within its country of registration whereas a Global AInP is at liberty to operate in multiple countries.
  2. The GInI AInP Review Board will review your application and will make an initial acceptance determination within 7 business days. If necessary, the board may contact you to request additional information.
  3. If approved, you will be so notified and requested to pay the appropriate AInP registration fee within 5 business days of approval. Failure to pay the AInP registration fee on time will cause the approval to lapse.
  4. Once you have paid the registration fees, you will receive a letter of authorization indicating your official status as a Local or Global GInI AInP. Your organization will at this point be able to provide GInI’s products and services .
  5. Depending on your location, GInI may assign an AInP Relationship Specialist to handle questions or requests you may have.
  6. For full details regarding the AInP Program, please refer to the AInP Guidebook.

To apply, download and complete the application form and send it to