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on 25 May 2022 2:06 PM

You can share the type of GInI’s certificates that you hold on to your account page on MYGInI by the following the below steps:

1- Login to your “MYGInI” account “Link”.

2- Navigate to “Account + Settings” Page.

3- Navigate to “Professional Development”, as the “Journal Entries” window will open.

4- Click “Add Entry” to open a window that you will need to fill the needed information in.

5- In the “Add Entry” window, beside the question “Is this entry for a certification or program?” pick “Yes”.

6- Under “Certification/Program” and “Credit Type” choose the type of the GInI’s certificates that you want to add and fill all the required information.

7- After finishing click “submit”.

*After submitting GInI will get back to you to confirm and approve the Entry.