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Applied Innovation Master Book is now fully available.

The Global Innovation Institute is pleased to announce that, after a period of limited availability, the Applied Innovation Master Book is now fully available.  The Applied Innovation Master Book is GInI's comprehensive body of knowledge covering all of the topics associated with GInI's professional certification program. It represents  Read More

GInI Initiates Fully Digital Blockchain Verifiable Certificates

The Global Innovation Institute is pleased to announce that as of October 2018 it is partnering with Accredible to issue all GInI certificates in digital format and with blockchain traceability. This new partnership brings several notable benefits to GInI's certificate holders, including the following:   Always  Read More

Adding Your GInI Certifications to LinkedIn

  To display your GInI certifications on LinkedIn, follow these steps: Log in to LinkedIn Select "Add New Profile Section". Under "Accomplishments", click on "Certifications". Click on "+" to add a new certificate. Complete the prompted fields: Use the full name of the certificate e.g “Certified Innovation  Read More

The Power of Certified Innovation Leaders

In our years of helping organizations develop their innovation capabilities, we’ve seen a lot of the good, the bad, and ugly.  Countless stories could be told about those organizations who “get” innovation and those who don’t.  The one thing that always rings true of the organizations  Read More

The Innovation Mosaic: Building Bridges Between the Many Perspectives on Innovation

I have been a student of innovation for more years now than I care to count.   One of the things that has always made innovation so enjoyable to me is the fact that every business discipline seems to believe they "own" innovation, a premise from  Read More

The Only Three Swim Lanes That Matter to a Business

In the course of my training with business leaders, we inevitably come to the existential business question… “What is the purpose of a business?” This is a great question, and one with a very simple answer. The purpose of a business is to create value. That’s  Read More

Customer Co-Creation: A Deeper Path to Empathic Understanding

Each year businesses spend an aggregate of $40B on market research. This is largely in an effort to mine new insights about customers' unmet needs, or to test out new ideas to see if a large enough segment of their customers (or of the general population) will  Read More

Racing Toward the Singularity: Earth’s Final 35 Years with Human Beings

It would seem that we now find ourselves and our world in the very center of one of those quickening maelstroms of time that lead to some sort of inconceivable singularity – a point where the pulse quickens so fast that the only way out is  Read More

How Companies Innovate Themselves Straight Into Oblivion!

There are a lot of businesses in the world – some estimate 500 million or more. They all provide some manner of product or service that makes our world work the way it does today. Nearly every one of these – based on our encounters with all  Read More


It is with great pleasure and excitement that today the Global Innovation Institute announces a significant brand refreshening.  While the Institute itself is not changing – its mission, vision, values, and business model all remain the same – its brand persona – its face to the  Read More

On Innovation as A Spiritual Journey

“The spiritual quest is the expression of the deepest longing to connect with the Whole.”— Varadaraja Raman, Hindu academic scholar Normally I stick to writing about business innovation, and strictly in the context of business.   But today I take a moment to depart off course  Read More

Your Innovation Pipeline Is What You Feed It

There was once a time, in the early part of the Twentieth Century, when companies could develop a technology, make a product out of it, and then go sell it.   It didn’t matter much what their customers thought of it, as customers just didn’t have  Read More

Five Reasons Companies Fail at Customer Experience Delivery

In my discussions with business leaders around the world, I continue to be impressed with the growing recognition of Customer Experience as an engine of sustainable growth.   Well–conceived, well–designed, and well–delivered customer experiences are the core foundation for achieving the sort of marketplace leadership that  Read More

Bursting the Dam — The “Tipping Point” Market Opportunities

In our work, we spend a lot of time conceiving, considering, and evaluating new business, brand, and product ideas – some ours, some others.   This is all in the name of unearthing new market opportunities through new and innovative value propositions.   Some of these  Read More

The Power of A Simple Question

I like questions. More than answers. Questions have the power to move businesses because they have the power to move the imaginations of those who lead businesses.   Answers are great when their time has come, but most businesses jump to answers far too soon, without  Read More

Market Disruption Vs. Business Disruption: The Inertial Disruption Factor

According to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. As with physics, so with business innovation. Whenever an innovation impacts a market, it also impacts the business delivering the innovation.   It is as though when the business  Read More

Why Resilient Companies Embrace Strategic Innovation

According to the American Enterprise Institute, 89% of the companies listed on the Fortune 500 in 1955 are no longer on the list.   Many no longer exist.   Of those 500 companies, only 61 still remain.   Those companies — names like Boeing, Kellogg, Procter  Read More

Who Are the World’s Most Innovative Companies? It Depends on Who You Ask.

Ask most folks to tick off their list of who they think are the world’s most innovative companies, and you’re likely to get something along these lines… Apple, Google, Amazon, Nike, GE, and so on.   All are high verve, well known brands.   But these  Read More

Seven Roads of Innovation–Based Growth

Most businesses are in need of finding new ways to grow.   It might be a matter of finding new markets, even creating new markets, or just finding new space in your current markets through new technology and products.   It doesn’t matter which of these  Read More