GInI Accreditation Center

In the interest of further advancing the practice of business innovation, GInI has established the GInI Accreditation Center (GInI-AC), under which GInI operates the formal GInI Accreditation Program.

The GInI Accreditation Program issues three different accreditations, each based on a specific type of assessment. The three accreditations are:

  1. Innovation Training Programs – accredited based on direct application and internal review.
  2. Innovation Labs – accredited based on external assessment, as conducted by GInI AInAs.
  3. Innovations – endorsed based on external application, as submitted by GInI AInAs.

In each case, accreditation by GInI assures all affected stakeholders that these entities have been properly assessed, and that their quality and scope therefore conform to GInI’s strict and demanding accreditation standards. No other organization in the world prescribes the same level of accreditation standard in the field of business innovation as does GInI. Accreditation by GInI is therefore the global standard of accreditation for each of these entities.

GInI remains fully committed to pursuing excellence and continuous improvement in the activities relating to the GInI Accreditation Center and the GInI Accreditation Program. The following pages and the guidebooks they each provide present the policies, procedures, and standards used to assess and accredit these entities.