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Overview, Criteria, and Instructions


GInI | Global Innovation Institute operates and maintains the GInI Innovation Repository of Registered Innovations (Innovation Repository). In this platform, individuals and organizations can officially register their innovations with the Institute, and the Institute then maintains a record of that registration in the repository, with all information stored securely. Any innovation can be registered with the Institute, by anyone associated with the innovation. so long as the innovation meets the qualifying criteria established by GInI, which are enumerated below. An innovation registered with GInI is known as a Registered Innovation. Registered Innovations are categorized by industry and other relevant metadata. Registration is completely free. However for a minimal fee Applicants can also secure from GInI a certificate attesting to their innovation’s registration with the Institute, and thus its place in the Repository.


Section A


Criteria for Registration


In order for an Innovation to be registered with GInI, it must meet all of the following five (5) criteria:

  1. It must solve a real problem – either a market / customer problem or an internal business problem.
  2. It must legitimately be able to resolve that problem in a new way, which means that it must be technically feasible.
  3. It must have clear beneficiaries – either external customers or internal business parties or both.
  4. It must have – in full or in major part – originated with and been defined by the applying party.
  5. The applying party must have exclusive rights to use the innovation.

If the innovation does not meet these five criteria, then it cannot be registered in the GInI Innovation Repository.


Section B




The following application is to be completed in its entirety, in English. Incomplete applications, or applications completed in other languages, will not be accepted. Proper names given in other languages should be indicated in their native language as well as in English where available. There are four (4) parts to the application:

  1. Applicant / Organization / Sector / Affirmations
  2. Description of the Innovation
  3. Conception & Evolution
  4. Affirmation.

If the Applicant deems a particular area of the application to be non-applicable, they should so indicate by writing “none” in the space provided. Do not leave any spaces blank (multiple choice selections can be left blank however). Nothing disclosed in this application is classified as confidential. All information provided will be available as a matter of public record. The Applicant should keep this in mind when completing the application. Once this application is submitted, the Applicant will automatically receive confirmation of its acceptance or rejection.

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