GInI Innovation Training Program Accreditation

The Global Innovation Institute – under the direction and authority of the GInI Accreditation Program – operates the GInI Accreditation Center as a means of further advancing the practice of business innovation. The Center issues a series of accreditations to entities and programs relating to business innovation, amongst which are Innovation Training Programs.

Accreditation of an Innovation Training Program by GInI assures all affected stakeholders that this program has been properly assessed and that its quality and scope, therefore, conform to GInI’s strict and demanding accreditation standards. No other organization in the world prescribes the same level of accreditation standard in the field of business innovation as does GInI. Accreditation by GInI is, therefore, the global standard of accreditation for Innovation Training Programs.

Accreditation by GInI offers several valuable benefits:

  • Differentiation as one of a select group of programs that accurately reflect and teach the disciplines of Business Innovation.
  • Affirmation of the program’s ongoing commitment to educational quality and continuous improvement.
  • Peer recognition for achievement to a globally-recognized benchmark standard.


In the Innovation Training Program assessment process, some of the most critical items assessed include the program’s duration, delivery modes, resources, core focus areas, learning & outcome objectives, participant engagement methods, outcome assessment methods, collaborations, trainer qualifications, quality assurance measures, past improvements, and participant satisfaction ratings. Assessing these types of indicators lets GInI ensure the program is of the caliber and quality needed to bear GInI accreditation.

Innovation Training Programs that have been accredited by GInI will bear GInI’s Accredited Innovation Training Program badge and will have their Certificates of Completion issued by the GInI Accreditation Center. This provides significant value to both program providers and program participants.

GInI remains fully committed to pursuing excellence and continuous improvement in all activities relating to the GInI Accreditation Center and the GInI Accreditation Program. The Innovation Training Program Accreditation Guidebook provided on this page sets forth the policies, procedures, and standards used to assess the quality and scope of individual Innovation Training Programs, and to thereafter accredit them to GInI’s standards.

Businesses wishing to secure GInI Innovation Training Program Accreditation must submit to GInI an Application with supporting evidence. GInI will thereafter undertake its own formal review and make its accreditation determination decision. GInI Innovation Training Program Accreditations are valid for the life of the program so long as the business continues to submit to GInI an Annual Report each year and a re-application every other year for bi-annual reassessment review.