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GInI Frequently Asked Questions

No. Both GInI members and non-members can apply for GInI certification. However GInI members receive discounted prices on the Applied Innovation Master Book and on examination registration fees. To become a GInI member, visit the GInI Membership Page.

No. None of the GInI certifications is a prerequisite to other GInI certifications except for the AInA GInI certification. Individuals who want to obtain the AInA certification must hold an active GInI CCInO or a CInS certification.

Eligibility requirements for each certification vary and are explained in the respective certifications page.

GInI certification process:

1. Register to become a member of GInI,"optional".

2. Meet the Exam Eligibility Requirements for the particular certification of interest.

3. Pay the Exam Enrollment Fee.

4. Pass the application audit; if your application is selected for an audit, you will be notified by email after the Exam Enrollment Fee is received.

5. Receive the exam details from GInI.

6. Complete the exam within the one year Exam Eligibility Period.

You can apply for a GInI certification examination by meeting the exam eligibility requirements, showing proof ownership of the GInI AInMB, and paying the Exam Enrollment fees. Then, GInI will email you the online examination instructions and a link to the examination site. At that point, your sign-in username and password will be activated and you will be able to log on and begin the exam.
Initially none, GInI’s operations team will notify you via email if any supporting documentation is needed.

To display your GInI certifications on LinkedIn, follow the steps:

All GInI certification exams are administered online. Tests to be taken in a facility of the applicant’s choice, The exam must be completed in one session. It cannot be split into multiple sessions.

If you are eligible for the certification, you must show proof ownership of the GInI AInMB and pay the Exam Enrollment Fees. Then, GInI will email you the online examination instructions and a link to the examination site. At that point, your sign-in username and password will be activated and you will be able to log on and begin the exam.
GInI certification exams are composed of multiple choice questions . The number of questions and the completion time allocated vary between certifications. Please refer to the relative certification web page for full details.

Currently GInI exams are all administered in Arabic and English. Plans are in place to offer the GInI certification exams in additional languages in the future.

Within seven business days of passing your exam, you will receive an email notification containing your validated certificate number and a link to retrieve your official digital certificate.
Your certification number can be found on your digital certificate.
Yes. To retake the exam, you must reapply.
The certification audit team processes documentation audits within five to seven business days upon receipt. Once GInI reviews the documentation you will be informed via email whether you move forward in the process or we need further validation.
GInI performs random application audits for validation purposes. These audits are intended to enhance the credibility of the GInI certification program and its credential holders.

GInI doesn’t accept documents sent via fax or email. To expedite the auditing process, please send your documents all at once to the mailing address listed below.

Global Innovation Institute
Attn.: Certification Audit Group
38 West Fulton, Suite 400 
Grand Rapids, MI 49503 USA

Yes. All documents are strictly confidential and are not shared with any external organization unless required through legal action involving GInI.
No. According to our internal auditing procedures, GInI retains all original documents.
Upon your request, GInI can provide a letter outlining the purpose of such audit to any verifying manager or supervisor.
No. However they do need to be signed and certified by the candidate.
A manager or supervisor can type their contact information but their signature must be handwritten.
No. GInI will not accept an email signature.
GInI reserves the right to contact the verifying manager or supervisor.
The supervising manager can still verify. If that is not possible, a past coworker can verify the candidate's professional experience.
Candidates are required to send in the original or certified copies of their documents, together with a certified translation of each document into English.
Yes, the former degree is necessary to include. Also, courses taken toward completion of the higher degree can be reported as IDUs.
GInI accepts both original and certified copies of your certificates.
Yes. It is recommended to take an exam preparation course with one of GInI's authorized providers prior to sitting for the exam.
GInI’s online testing does not use physical testing centers.
In the case of a failed audit, the credential fee minus a 100 USD processing fee will be refunded. The certification department will address further actions on a case-by-case basis.
If a candidate chooses not to proceed with the audit, it is considered a failed audit due to non-conformance. In such case, the examination fee minus a 100 USD processing fee will be refunded. A candidate may reapply after one year and a new credential application and payment must be submitted. Also, the application will be subject to a re-audit.

Once you earn your certificate you can begin earning IDUs. 

You may assume that courses offered by a GInI Authorized Provider (AInP or ATP) are sufficiently related to Innovation.
You may earn independent reaccreditation IDUs for each time a single presentation is delivered, so long as it is being delivered to a different audience each time. There is a 15 IDU cap however on IDU credits derived from the same presentation.

If you fail to maintain your certification by the required continuation date (at the end of the three years cycle), your certification will carry a "suspended status". At this point, you must cease using the credential until such time as you have had your credential reinstated.

If your certification has lapsed and entered into a “suspended” status, you must re-take the exam in order to have it reinstated.
If you complete IDUs during a suspension period, you will be able to apply them toward the continuation of your credential once it has been reinstated, so long as they occurred within 48 months of your new continuation date.
GInI credential holders with 10 years of good certification standing may qualify for GInI Retired status. This is an honorary form of inactive status intended to recognize those who, in the course of their careers, have contributed to the cause of innovation. Once your certification has been transitioned to GInI Retired status, you will no longer need to continue it. If you wish to switch to GInI Retired status, please send a written request to GInI’s certification department indicating your desire to end your certification. Your certification will then be marked as inactive.

Your certificate is active for a period of three (3) years, beginning on the day you initially pass the certification exam. In order to maintain your certification, you must obtain the required number of Innovation Development Units (IDUs) within those three (3) years and prior to the certificate expiration date.

If you have failed to achieve the necessary number of IDUs, you can maintain your current certification by retaking the certification exam before the end of your 3-year certification cycle.

You can also reinstate a lapsed certification by retaking the certification exam again. The required IDUs for each certification are as follows:

· CInP®: 45 IDUs during 3-year cycle

· CDTP®: 30 IDUs during 3-year cycle

· CInS®: 45 IDUs during 3-year cycle

· CCInO®: 60 IDUs during 3-year cycle

· AInA®: 60 IDUs during 3-year cycle

The reporting of IDUs is a self-certification process using GInI’s Innovation Development System (IDS) for online IDU Reporting. At the time of continuation, you will not be required to submit supporting documentation of the IDUs in order to continue your certification.

However, for quality control purposes, GInI randomly selects a sample of certificate holders for periodic auditing. For this reason, we ask that you maintain a folder of IDU-related documentation and keep this in place for at least 18 months after your certification cycle has ended.

On your member profile page there is a button to submit IDUs and maintain your certification status. You will use this to request your certification continuation prior to your expiration date.
Yes, you can maintain several GInI credentials concurrently. GInI recommends that you align your certification cycles as closely as you possibly can. Moreover, you can apply the same IDUs against each certification, if they meet the required number of IDUs.
No. This does not provide any information related to the course completion.

GInI recognizes that hardships can arise. Certification holders who are incapacitated due to illness, maternity leave, or active duty call can request an extension for their expiration date. 

Extensions given due to illness or maternity leaves are typically three months.  However, extensions due to active military duty depend on the expected deployment completion dates. If you are in such a situation, please email your request to and include appropriate supporting documentation to substantiate your request.

You can share the type of GInI’s certificates that you hold on to your account page on MYGInI by the following the below steps:

1- Login to your “MYGInI” account “Link”.

2- Navigate to “Account + Settings” Page.

3- Navigate to “Professional Development”, as the “Journal Entries” window will open.

4- Click “Add Entry” to open a window that you will need to fill the needed information in.

5- In the “Add Entry” window, beside the question “Is this entry for a certification or program?” pick “Yes”.

6- Under “Certification/Program” and “Credit Type” choose the type of the GInI’s certificates that you want to add and fill all the required information.

7- After finishing click “submit”.

*After submitting GInI will get back to you to confirm and approve the Entry.

In order to submit your IDU’s, you can take the below steps:

1- You need to visit GInI’s online store to purchase the required IDU’s application before submitting the entry.

2- Login to your “My GInI” account

3- Navigate to “Account + Settings” Page.

4- Navigate to “Professional Development”, as the “Journal Entries” window will open.

5- Press “+Add Entry” and choose your certificate and add the type of IDU’s you want to submit and fill all the required information.

6- After filling all the needed information, click the “Submit” button.

* After submitting GInI will get back to you to confirm the acceptance of the IDU’s.

The GInI Applied Innovation Master Book could be purchased via GInI’s Online Store.

For GInI members, the Digital and Print Version of the AInMB costs 300 USD plus shipping fees. For non-members, the Digital and Print Version of the AInMB costs 350 USD plus shipping fees.   For GInI members, the Dual Version of the AInMB costs 325 USD plus shipping fees. For non-members, the Dual Version of the AInMB costs 375 USD plus shipping fees.

The cost of the shipping fees is 49 USD regardless of the final destination.
The book contains 856 pages.
The weight of the book is 6 lb, or 2.9 kg. Its shipping weight with packaging is 7.3 lb, or 3.3 kg.
Your copy of the AInMB will be delivered within 7 - 10 business days of completing your order (including payment clearance).
Yes. All applicants for a GInI certification exam must own a copy of the Applied Innovation Master Book in order to register for the exam. Each copy of the book has a unique serial number which they will need to enter on their membership portal when registering for the exam. Each unique serial number can be used by only one person.
Yes. The same serial number allows you to apply for all GInI certification exams.
Your unique serial number is found on a scratch card located in the inside cover of your copy of the AInMB.
To enter the serial number on your profile, go to Profile account information, click on the tab “master book serial number” and enter your serial number.
The unique serial number associated with your copy of the AInMB does not expire, and thus has no expiration date.

Yes.  The Applied Innovation Master Book is GInI's comprehensive body of knowledge, and as such covers all of the topics associated with GInI's professional certification program.

The following lists the sections of the AInMB that should be studied in the pursuit of each respective GInI certification:

·         Certified Innovation Professional (CInP)®:  Sections 1, 2, 3

·         Certified Design Thinking Professional (CDTP)®: Sections 1, 2, 3, 4

·         Certified Innovation Strategist (CInS)®: Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

·         Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCInO)®: Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

·         Authorized Innovation Assessor (AInA)®: Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Yes, the GInI Applied Innovation Master Book is available in both soft and hard copy.
No. The GInI Applied Innovation Master Book is only sold with a serial number.
The GInI Applied Innovation Master Book is written by a select panel of globally-recognized experts serving as Advisors to GInI.

The duration is relative depending on the size of the organization being assessed. However, an organization needs to go through the following steps:

The 5,000 USD fee charged by GInI is GInI's administrative processing fee. It is to be paid annually on the anniversary of the original certification date.

This excludes any fees that are to be paid to the contracted Authorized Training & Assessment Provider (ATAP) and their chosen Authorized Innovation Assessors (AInAs) for the review, onsite assessment, and reporting work. Such fees are independent of the fee paid to GInI.

Whether for-profit, nonprofit, or governmental agencies, all types of organizations can apply for CInOrg. However, organizations using innovation to pursue strategic aims will benefit immensely from this certification and should apply.

 Here is a list of beneficial industries and organizations:

Your organization must work through a GInI Authorized Training & Assessment Provider (ATAP) to carry out the CInOrg innovation maturity assessment process.  This ATAP will retain at least two, and potentially more if your organization is excessive large, GInI Authorized Innovation Assessors (AInAs) who will actually carry out the preliminary documentation review, onsite assessment, and final InMAR preparation for GInI.

To find a GInI Authorized Training & Assessment Provider (ATAP) who can execute this process for them, organizations should consult the GInI Provider Directory at  Once they have secured an ATAP of their choosing, that ATAP will then retain the necessary AInAs to carry out the process.  Organizations will pay the ATAP / AInA fees separate from GInI's administrative processing fee.  All ATAP / AInA fees should be established prior to carrying out the assessment.  These fees are established independent of GInI, and GInI has no involvement in their setting.

Approximately one month prior to the scheduled time for the on-site assessment, the organization must forward selected strategy and program documentation to the Assessors to be reviewed prior to the on-site assessment.

The Innovation Readiness Assessment is an abbreviated assessment process used to measure an organization's level of readiness for embarking on a full-fledged innovation program, prior to their having done so.
GInI places no restrictions on the nature or type of businesses that may apply for an Innovation Endorsement. Applying businesses can be in the private or public sector, a privately held or publicly traded company, for-profit or not-for-profit, SME or MNC, a sole proprietorship, etc. The important factors will be the nature of the innovation and the details of its conception, definition, development, and deployment.
The GInI Innovation Endorsement can be for either. It is the Global Innovation Institute's validation of a specific individual innovation that the business has conceived, defined, developed, and deployed into real-world usage, regardless of what the actual innovation was.

A business' innovation needs to satisfy the following criteria in order to be endorsed by GInI:

a) Represent a solution to a problem that is truly novel relative to previous solutions.

b) Be legitimately conceived, defined, developed, and implemented by the business – either alone or in partnership with other businesses. 

c) Be used exclusively by the business and/or licensed to another business for exclusive use.

d) Have been in use for a minimum of six months and thus able to demonstrate a positive impact on the business and the intended customers.

Any organization seeking to formally accredit its Innovation Lab, Business Incubator, or Accelerator Program can apply.
Business Incubators are specialized facilities providing easily-accessible resources to young, new business startups. This typically includes such resources as office space, office equipment, business training, access to mentors, networking to prospective customers, and potentially access to startup investors.
A Business Incubator that fails to pass the assessment will face one of two scenarios. If the assessment was failed by a wide margin, then the Assessors may make certain recommendations to the Incubator for improvement and suggest that it attempt the assessment process again at a later time in the future. Their report to GInI will thus reflect this current failing status. If the assessment was only failed by a narrow margin however, then the Assessors maintain the option to issue the Incubator a temporary conditional approval, which then gives the Incubator a 3-month window in which to rectify its deficiencies and verify such to the Assessors, at which point the Assessors, if satisfied with the Incubator's rectifications, will then issue their final report to GInI with a recommended "pass".
The GInI Accredited Innovation Training Program covers any academic or professional training course, workshop, or the equivalent that has been properly designed, organized, supervised, and delivered to enable participants to achieve specific learning objectives relating in some way to business innovation.
Yes, but each of its training programs must be accredited independently. GInI does not offer a blanket accreditation for sets of programs, and therefore accreditation of one of its programs will not infer accreditation of its other programs.

The applicant must provide the following for each program seeking accreditation: 

The fee to become a Certified Innovative Organization (CInOrg) is 5,000 USD. This fee must be paid each year, together with a full reassessment, in order to maintain the business' status as a CInOrg.

Accelerator Programs are specialized programs wherein cohorts of startup founder teams are led through a time-bound business definition process. In this process, each founder team must define the nature of their business, the issue it is addressing in the market, its unique value proposition for doing so, its business model for generating revenues and profits, its branding statement, possibly an early prototype of its core solution, a detailed financial forecast of revenues, expenses, and profits over time, a complete business plan documenting all of the above, and a compelling pitch deck which they can use to pitch their business to investors. Accelerator Programs typically end with a Demo Day, in which each founder team demos their solution and the business opportunity it represents to prospective investors with the hopes of being able to secure further investment for taking the business to the next level of validation in the market.

GInI offers two payment options; online payment and bank transfers.
GInI uses Stripe as a payment gateway.
Beneficiary Name :Global Innovation Holding LLC
Beneficiary Account Number :610928027
Beneficiary Bank Name And AddressJP Morgan Chase Bank.
1825 44th St SW
Routing Number021000021
Beneficiary Bank SWIFT Code :CHASUS33
Full details of GInI's refund policy can be found at Refund Policy.
A receipt will be sent to you via email following completion of your payment.

To redeem your GInI membership discount, you need to go to GInI website to the online store afterwards, login with your membership email to receive your discount during the checkout.