GInI Frequently Asked Questions

Obtaining GInI Certifications
Do I need to be a GInI member in order to apply for a GInI certification?
No. Both GInI members and non-members can apply for GInI certification. However GInI members receive discounted prices on the Applied Innovation Master Book and on examination registration fees. To become a GInI member, visit the GInI Membership Page.
Do I have to be a CInP, CDTP, CInS or a CCInO holder to apply for other GInI certifications?
What are the eligibility requirements for each certification?
How do I earn a GInI certification?
How do I complete the application to obtain a GInI certification?
What supporting documentation do I need to send in with my application?
How do I add my GInI certifications to my LinkedIn profile?
Certification Exams
Application Audit
Innovation Development Units – IDUs
Certifications Suspension
Maintaining GInI Certifications
AInMB - Applied Innovation Master Book
Business Accreditation
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