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GInI Innovation Associate Reference Book

The GInI Innovation Associate Reference Book is the reference book associated with GInI’s Certified Innovation Associate (CInA®) professional certification for university students.

The book is structured in a way that first lays out the foundational knowledge of business innovation, and then examines the work of the Innovation Associate – whether they intend to enter into the workforce inside industry or launch their own startup business.

Accordingly, the book presents key, foundational insights and practices the Innovation Associate must master, including: a foundational understanding of business innovation (including its purposes, forms, and manifestations), the art of needfinding (to uncover new innovation opportunities), becoming an effective innovator, undertaking research to reveal new insights and justify opportunities, brainstorming & the GInI Breakthrough Innovation Method, Design Thinking, developing business plans and pitching new concepts, executing innovation projects, launching & scaling new business ventures, and new venture funding mechanisms.

The GInI Innovation Associate Reference Book contains everything needed to prepare university students for passing the GInI Certified Innovation Associate (CInA®) professional certification – a certification that enables students to stand out as knowledgeable innovators possessing the knowledge and ability needed to deliver meaningful new innovations inside business.


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Publisher: GInI | Global Innovation Institute
ISBN-13: 978-1-7351046-3-8
Format: Digital
Length: 463 Pages



Certified Innovation Associate

CInA ®

The following is the structure and outline of the GInI Innovation Association Reference Book:

Foundation - Core Innovation Knowledge & Concepts

Chapter 1 - Foundations - The What and Why of Innovation

Chapter 2 - Renewal and Reinvention for Responsiveness and Resilience

Chapter 3 - Framing Up The World Applied Business Innovation

Chapter 4 - Foundations of Value, Diffusion of Innovations, and Innovation and Innovation Pathways

Chapter 5 - Methods of Innovation

Chapter 6 - Methods of Creativity

Chapter 7 - The Role of Design in Innovation

Chapter 8 - The Role of Research in Innovation

Chapter 9 - The Role of Intellectual

Chapter 10 - Needfinding

Chapter 11 - The Contributions of Different Business Disciplines to Innovation

Tactical Innovation & The Innovation Professional

Chapter 12 - The Innovation Professional

Chapter 13 - Driving New Projects in the Front End of Innovation

Chapter 14 - Driving New Projects in the Mid Zone of Innovation

Chapter 15 - Driving New Projects in the Back End Of Innovation

Chapter 16 - The Breakthrough Innovation Method - Oblique Examination Put to Use


Applied Design Thinking

Chapter 17 - Introduction to Design Thinking & Design Methods

Chapter 18 - The Design Thinking Process

Chapter 19 - Design Methods - A Primer

Chapter 20 - Prototyping for Design Thinking

Innovation in The External Environment - Driving New Business Ventures

Chapter 21 - Innovation in The Outside World - Founders & New Business Ventures

Chapter 22 - Funding Mechanisms for New Business Ventures

Chapter 23 - Delivering Winning Business Plans & Compelling Pitches


Each copy of the GInI Innovation Associate Reference Book is serialized. The serial number can be found on a scratch card affixed to the inside front cover of the book. Exam registrants must enter this serial number on the Exam Registration Form whenever applying to take a GInI certification exam, confirming their private ownership of a copy of the book.



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