GInI Innovation Models

The Global Innovation Institute has developed a very powerful suite of strategic innovation models and frameworks.  We use these as the guiding basis for our training and certification processes.

Each of these models and frameworks was designed to complement one another.  Used together, they allow for the creation of a broad environment for growth and innovation.  For example, our tools for defining and delivering new value – the GInI Business Model Innovation Framework, the GInI Business Model Canvas, and the GInI Customer Experience Journey Map – can all be used within the broader enterprise innovation environment defined by the GInI Enterprise Innovation Architecture, which is itself further augmented by the GInI Innovation Management System.  Likewise, this enterprise-wide innovation environment is optimally nurtured when it is set inside an innovation culture established through the GInI Workplace Innovation Framework.  Finally, all of these are most effectively leveraged when part of a well-defined growth and innovation strategy, as reflected in the GInI Strategic Innovation Roadmap.  Used together, this suite of models and frameworks provides a comprehensive operational system that addresses nearly every aspect of innovation-driven growth.

At the same time, GInI recognizes that the exact model of growth and innovation that best fits any one organization will always be some customized adaptation of these.  Thus, we suggest that one not approach these models and frameworks as overly rigid, but rather as useful constructs around which to have a meaningful conversation about their organization’s growth and innovation needs.