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Major Announcement – New Partnership to Deliver the Worldwide Innovation Network Platform Globally
  • Major Announcement – New Partnership to Deliver the Worldwide Innovation Network Platform Globally
Project Description

Today, GInI is very pleased to announce a major step forward in providing innovative value to the world.  GInI has partnered with InnovatioNext to deliver the Worldwide Innovation Network platform.

The Worldwide Innovation Network, or WIN, platform is a powerfully rich platform containing six distinct parts, namely:

  1. The Worldwide Innovation Directory – a comprehensive 3,700-item directory of innovation resources from all around the world – all constantly refreshed and maintained.
  2. The 3D Idea Generator application – a powerful yet easy-to-use morphological idea-generating tool (with 12 unique generators) that is like SCAMPER on steroids. Teams use it to spark breakthrough thinking around novel new approaches to solving their most pressing challenges and problems.
  3. The Breakthrough Innovation Mind Maps – a collection of 100 ready-to-use mind maps that empower teams to develop revolutionary new ideas and turn those into truly breakthrough new innovations and startup ventures.
  4. The Premium Pro Presentations – a set of 50 premium PowerPoint presents used as to aid teams in pitching and marketing their new innovation concepts and new growth ventures to internal and external stakeholders and investors.
  5. The InnovatioNext Corporate Innovation Self-Assessment Tool – a tool for evaluating the key drivers and results of innovation-driven growth inside your organization.
  6. Hands-on training, support, and workshops for corporate and university clients from our partner InnovatioNext – to be able to extract the greatest possible value from these tools.

The Worldwide Innovation Network is a one-of-a-kind offering.  You simply will not find another tool like it – particularly of its power and scale – anywhere else in the world.

And now you can access it – together with the benefits of Corporate Membership in GInI – all directly from GInI | Global Innovation Institute.

The leaders of GInI and InnovatioNext – Mr. Anthony Mills and Mr. Pravin Rajpal – are both ranked by Thinkers360 as Top 50 Thought Leaders and Influencers in the field of Open Innovation.  Now, these two Open Innovation Thought Leaders have come together to bring the world what is without question one of the most powerful and genuinely useful Open Innovation toolsets available anywhere in the world.

Indeed, the Worldwide Innovation Directory itself contains comprehensive, constantly maintained listings of the following for developing collaborative models of innovation and faster growth.

  1. A comprehensive directory of important global reports and indices relating to innovation, competitiveness, and the global startup scene.
  2. A comprehensive directory of business incubators and accelerator programs around the world.
  3. A comprehensive directory of MNC Corporate Accelerators and Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) arms collaborating with startups around the world.
  4. A comprehensive directory of hundreds of leading venture capital (VC) funds, private innovation funds, and government agencies funding new innovation from around the world.
  5. A comprehensive directory of open innovation challenges / innovation tournaments being sponsored by global organizations around the world.
  6. A comprehensive directory of technologies, applications, and solution providers in emerging technology fields like AI, drones, robotics, cloud computing, and more.
  7. A directory of the technology transfer offices at the 100 most innovative universities in the world.
  8. A listing of the world’s global innovation parks.
  9. A listing of the world’s top-ranked research institutions for research partnerships.
  10. A listing of the world’s most innovative design studios.
  11. A listing of the world’s top technology-scouting companies and technology commercialization centers.
  12. A listing of the world’s leading patent monetization centers.
  13. A listing of the key AI-powered forecasting centers in the world.
  14. And much more to take your innovation journey to the next level.

This platform is already highly acclaimed by corporates, universities, government agencies, the media, and students all over the world.

For deeper insights into the platform, you can watch the WIN App video tutorial found at:

GInI has different subscription packages for the following:

To learn more – and to subscribe – visit


You can also contact GInI directly via email with any specific questions you might have – including a free trial version to try out if you like.  Email us at

We hope that you enjoy using the Worldwide Innovation Network platform as much as so many others have already.  There is simply not another resource like it anywhere else in the world.

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  • Date 16 May 2022
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