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Overcoming Resistance To Change - The Power of Cascades
  • Overcoming Resistance To Change - The Power of Cascades
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Never has there been a greater need for transformation. But how do you make that happen? How do you take an idea and get it to scale? How do you overcome people's natural tendency to resist anything new and different and overcome skeptics who seek to undermine your effort to bring change to your organization, your industry or the world at large?

Traditional change management techniques rely on persuasion. They assume that if you create enough of a sense of urgency around change, people will fall in line. That approach has failed miserably. In fact, research by McKinsey suggests that almost three quarters of organizational transformations fail.

Yet that doesn't mean you can't bring about the change you seek. In this session, international keynote speaker and bestselling author Greg Satell will point the way. Based on his award-winning book, Cascades, he will, through vivid case studies, explain the science and practice of how ideas spread and show how you can overcome resistance and make your vision of change a reality.

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  • Date 16 May 2022
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