The Worldwide Innovation Network is a one-of-a-kind offering. You will not find any other tool like it anywhere in the world – particularly one of its power and scale.

And now you can access it – together with all the benefits of membership in GInI – directly from Global Innovation Institute.

The Key Benefits for Individuals:

  1. Empower yourself with cutting-edge research and innovation tools.
  2. Kick-start your innovation and entrepreneurial efforts with these powerful new insights and other resources designed to support your work.
  3. Become a future ready certified innovation professional for far better insights into how to drive your new innovations forward.
  4. Find better job opportunities by demonstrating your knowledge and skills in innovation.
  5. Empower yourself to conceive and develop breakthrough new ideas and startups.
  6. Develop a portfolio of new patents and IP to employ.
  7. Access world class mentoring and funding from industry, government, and other innovation funds.
  8. Collaborate with MNCs, corporate venture investors, and accelerator programs for the scale-up of your startup.

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