GInI Authorized Providers

GInI Authorized Providers are independently owned and operated businesses – often training and/or consulting firms – who have chosen to partner with GInI, and thereby operate under GInI’s guidance, to deliver GInI’s certification and accreditation programs to their respective clients.

Authorized Innovation Provider (AInP)®

GInI Authorized Innovation Providers (AInPs)® are organizations whom GInI has authorized to provide all of GInI’s products and services, including both its certification program and its accreditation program.

To earn designation as an AInP, providers must meet or exceed the high standards of quality and effectiveness established by GInI.

Why become an AInP?

Becoming an AInP benefits any organization who has clients, employees, or students in the adult learning field, including consulting firms, training centers, corporations, government agencies, universities, and colleges.

By partnering with GInI, you can have full confidence that what you learn – and what you teach – will always reflect the latest in innovation thought leadership. This is because GInI is the undisputed leader in Applied Business Innovation. It has established itself as the global thought leader in how to make business organizations agile, responsive, and resilient through sustained strategic innovation.

  • Because the Global Innovation Institute and GInI are globally-recognized brands, upon becoming an AInP your organization immediately gains recognition and credibility. This can allow your business to grow and reach our ever-expanding community of innovation leaders from around the world.

  • Because GInI’s focus remains completely on the use of innovation in addressing the real-world challenges facing businesses every day, you can rest assured that – as a part of GInI’s inner community – your organization will always be a part of the thought leadership in innovation.

  • GInI gives its AInPs and their workers an exclusive advantage by offering them the confidence that comes only from holding certifications backed by the world’s leading authority in Applied Business Innovation.

  • GInI’s AInPs gain access to GInI’s world-class training materials with very low upfront investment. This material is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure it is meeting all globally-accepted standards in the field of Applied Business Innovation.

  • Current AInPs receive privileged information from GInI about GInI certification and accreditation updates prior to this information being made available to the public.

  • GInI lists all of its current AInPs in the Provider Directory of the GInI website. A filtering function in this directory allows stakeholders to search for AInPs in their area, so that particular providers can be found in specific regions of the world.

  • Direct training requests to GInI are shared with current AInPs in order to assist in establishing new connections between AInPs and prospective new clients.

Becoming an Authorized Innovation Provider (AInP)® allows your organization to deliver all of GInI’s products and services, including the following certification and accreditation programs:

    1. Professional Certification :
    2. Business Accreditation :

Privilege AInP ATP
Listed as a Provider in GInI’s official online Providers Directory.
The use of GInI's logos in your own website, marketing collateral, and training materials.
Access to select GInI resources.
Access to GInI’s online Provider Administration Portal.
Deliver GInI’s exam preparation courses for the GInI Professional Certifications.
Develop business in collaboration with academic and other institutions.
Develop business in collaboration with GInI's Authorized Innovation Assessors (AInA)® to provide (CInOrg)® Certifications.
Develop business in collaboration with GInI’s Authorized Innovation Assessors (AInA)® to provide (AInL)® Accreditations.
Develop business in collaboration with GInI’s Authorized Innovation Assessors (AInA)® to provide (ABI)® Accreditations.
Develop business in collaboration with GInI’s Authorized Innovation Assessors (AInA)® to provide (AAP)® Accreditations.
Develop business in collaboration with GInI’s Authorized Innovation Assessors (AInA)® to provide (InE)® Endorsements.
Access to free GInI Trainers Kits for GInI’s exam preparation workshops.
Discounted pricing on copies of the GInI Applied Innovation Master book®.
Granted license to freely use GInI's Innovation Models.
Ability to offer Innovation Development Units (IDUs) from your other training programs.
Discounted pricing on GInI's Innovation Training Program Accreditation (AInTP)®.
  $3,500 -
Fee Class Authorized Innovation Provider (AInP)
First Time License + Administration Fee 3,500 USD
Annual Renewal Fee 525 USD
  1. Review carefully GInI’s Prospective Providers Checklist to determine which type of providers is addressing your firm requirements.

  2. Review each step on GInI’s Prospective Providers Checklist to make sure you follow the guidelines on each step.

  3. Complete the registration form by clicking on the below registration bottom.

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