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on 30 Mar 2017 4:07 PM

The Global Innovation Institute is pleased to announce that, after a period of limited availability, the Applied Innovation Master Book is now fully available. 

The Applied Innovation Master Book is GInI's comprehensive body of knowledge covering all of the topics associated with GInI's professional certification program. It represents years of dedicated research into world-leading innovation practices, including at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

Practitioners and business leaders alike will find the book's insights to be thoroughly enlightening and equally practical - capable of being put into use immediately for the benefit of their organization.

Those seeking or having attained GInI certification will find the book to be a highly reliable reference source they can turn to time and again to answer their questions about innovation and to help them lead innovation practices inside their own businesses. 

The Applied Innovation Master Book is divided into eight sections, namely:

  • Section 1 - Foundation - Core Innovation Knowledge & Concepts - Chapters 1 - 12.

  • Section 2 - Tactical Innovation & The Innovation Professional - Chapters 12 - 21.

  • Section 3 - Innovation Management & The Innovation Manager - Chapters 22 -31.

  • Section 4 - Applied Design Thinking - Chapters 32 - 39.

  • Section 5 - Strategic Innovation & The Innovation Strategist - Chapters 40 - 46.

  • Section 6 - Enterprise Innovation & The Chief Innovation Officer - Chapters 47 - 55.

  • Section 7 - Innovation in the External Environment - Driving New Business Ventures - Chapters 56 - 57.

  • Section 8 - Glossary


Each copy of the GInI Applied Innovation Master Book contains a serial number uniquely identifying that copy. 

Beginning in November 2018, all applicants for a GInI certification exam must own a copy of the Applied Innovation Master Book and will need to enter their book's unique serial number into their application form in order to register for the exam.

Copies of the GInI Applied Innovation Master Book can be purchased directly from GInI by emailing The price of the book is 300 USD.

The Global Innovation Institute is committed to advancing the cause of business innovation around the world. The Institute is proud, therefore, to be able to make this reference resource widely available to everyone, everywhere.

As the world's foremost organization for innovation standards, accreditations, and certifications, GInI will continue leading the way throughout the future in advancing the cause of world-class innovation everywhere.

For any questions relating to this announcement, please contact GInI at