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GInI Authorized Providers

GInI Authorized Providers are independently owned and operated businesses – often training and/or consulting firms – who have chosen to partner with GInI, and thereby operate under GInI’s guidance, to deliver GInI’s certification and accreditation programs to their respective clients.

To learn more about becoming an Authorized Provider please visit:

Authorized Training Provider

Authorized Training & Assessment Provider


Authorized University Provider

Becoming a Provider allows your organization to:

The licensed right to bear the GInI Authorized Provider Badge (issued upon your approval as an Authorized Provider).
Listed in GInI’s Authorized Providers Directory (online) as an officially authorized provider of GInI - visible to over 250,000 visitors each month.
The licensed right to access and use all GInI training and assessment tools - including Training Kits, Provider and Instructor Manuals, Assessment Tools, Checklists, and more.
The licensed right to access and use all GInI Intellectual Property assets (per GInI's guidelines) - including GInI's body of knowledge, innovation frameworks, innovation tools, certification badges, and more.
The licensed right to deliver GInI’s exam preparation courses supporting GInI's Professional Certification Program - using GInI-qualified Instructors.
The licensed right to deliver GInI's business assessments supporting GInI's Business Accreditation Program - using GInI Authorized Innovation Assessors (AInAs).
The licensed right to offer GInI-approved IDUs (Innovation Development Units) and submit IDU claims on behalf of students.
One complimentary copy (dual version - print & digital) of GInI's Applied Innovation Master Book (AInMB) - in the language of your preference.
One complimentary Exam Registration Voucher for the certification exam of your choice - CInP, CDTP, CInS, or CCInO.
One complimentary Exam Registration Voucher for the AInA certification exam.
A price discount of 100 USD on each copy of GInI's Applied Innovation Master Book (AInMB).
One-on-one onboarding for all new Providers and Instructors - to understand GInI's programs and their various tools and resources.
Direct access to the GInI Authorized Providers Portal.
Direct access to GInI's Authorized Provider Support Team.
Payment of an Annual Performance Bonus tied to your performance against GInI's Annual Provider Target Goals.