The GInI Membership allows you to be a part of a unique establishment, a society dedicated to all the brilliant innovative minds out there, a place that brings together ideas and people and a lab to create, test, experiment and succeed.

Being a member of GInI grants you exclusive networking opportunities and invitations to roundtable events, you will also have access to all our blogs, forms, articles, publications and news that are related to the innovation industry and finally you will get special prices and discounts on our certificates, events, master classes, exams, renewals, publications and online assessments. 

  1. Stay Up-to-Date
    With our Blogs, Forms, Discuss Boards, Latest Articles and News we bring to you all you need to know in order to stay up to date on Innovation and anything related to this matter.

  2. Networking Opportunities
    Become one of the Innovation Society and get access to other fellow innovators worldwide. Share your successful innovations or find other fellow innovators who can help you with an upcoming project.

  3. Professional Advancement
    Our certificates are constantly being improved to adapt to the quick and ever changing market, and to ensure the latest strategies and tools are being implemented in order to help you advance in your career and empower your establishment. 

  4. Publications
    Innovation related publications will be available for members to help them stay well-informed on all the latest trends and strategies.

  5. Special Offers
    All GInI members enjoy special offers and discounts on GInI events.