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GInI has taught you all about Innovation. Now it’s time for your organization to get out and do Innovation!

However, you are well aware that many innovation efforts – when tackled alone – do end up failing.

You understand, for this reason, that it is best for your organization to not go this journey alone… but rather for it to come alongside a reliable partner who can walk this journey with you – one having extensive real-world experience conceiving, defining, developing, validating, and scaling major new innovations – as well as the scalable capacity to do so on your organization’s behalf.


GInI has partnered with the global IP Research Service firm Sagacious IP to provide GInI’s Corporate and Council Members with free and discounted access to IP research services and IP consultations.

Under this partnership, current GInI Council Members benefit from the following:

  1. An unlimited number of asynchronous IP queries answered each year – using Sagacious IP’s VIP Platform.
  2. Up to five (5) hours of free IP Consultation directly with a live Sagacious IP Consultant (connected virtually) each and every quarter. That’s 20 hours of free IP Consultation each and every year.
  3. All additional IP services, such as, for example, patent landscape studies, freedom-to-operate opinion letters, patent filings, and so on – provided at a 5% discount off Sagacious IP’s normal prices.

This is an exclusive arrangement available only to GInI’s Council Members... not available anywhere else.

Take advantage of this freely as an important part of your membership in GInI. GInI values its members.


To gain access to this benefit, you must be a GInI Council Member in good standing.

There are two ways you can become a GInI Council Member if you are not already one.

  1. You can become a GInI Council Member by joining GInI directly.

    For more on individual membership, refer to

  2. Alternatively, you and a group of your peers can become GInI Council Members together by having your organization sign on as a Corporate Member of GInI.

    There are differing levels of Corporate Membership, with each granting a specific number of GInI Council Memberships.

    For more on Corporate Membership, refer to


Sagacious IP – a global IP Research Services firm – is one the largest IP research service providers in the world. Its team of 300+ experts are spread all over the world, spanning nine (9) offices globally, and serving 100+ countries with research services delivered in 16+ languages.

It serves many of world's largest companies, law firms, and other institutions – working with them to help them monetize their IP, defend them in IP litigations, and provide them with IP intelligence so that they can lead their respective industries with new innovations and derive the greatest possible value from their IP budgets.

  • Sagacious IP works with the world's largest organizations to help them lead their industries with new innovations.
  • Sagacious IP works with smaller organizations to help them run successful, corporate-grade IP divisions inside their limited budgets.
  • Sagacious IP supports IP law firms with crucial technology research and with paralegal services and tools, so that they can provide their clients with a globally optimized solution.
  • Sagacious IP partners with government and non-government institutions to help promote and commercialize new innovations in their regions.
  • Sagacious IP helps patent owners to manage, maintain, and monetize their respective IP assets.

To date, Sagacious IP has serviced over 5,000 clients and successfully delivered over 25,000 projects.

By serving the global IP community for over a decade, Sagacious IP has developed leading knowledge, best practices, IP Technology & AI tools, and analytical frameworks – all spanning the spectrum of knowledge relating to Intellectual Property.


As an active GInI Council Member in good standing, you can easily and seamlessly access these free and discounted IP services by using Sagacious IP’s VIP Platform.

To access the Sagacious IP VIP Platform, simply navigate to

Using the VIP platform, GInI Council Members can submit an unlimited number of asynchronous queries to Sagacious’ IP experts – as many as you like.

Each quarter you will receive 10 free credits – each of which is good for one direct one-on-one consultation with a Sagacious IP Consultant for up to 30 minutes.

Every quarter your account will be reset to the maximum of 10 credits, and that will be reflected on your Dashboard. This has a potential value of up to 20 hours of free, direct one-on-one IP consultation each and every year.

Moreover, as an active GInI Council Member, you will receive a 5% discount on all Sagacious IP services beyond these free queries and consultations, making their services extremely cost effective to you and your organization.


On your first visit to the Sagacious IP VIP Platform, you will need to register as a new user on the platform.

  • To register as a new user, you will first need GInI’s unique Association Code for the platform.
    To obtain this code, please contact GInI at and request it.
    Upon verifying your status as an active GInI Council Member, GInI will provide you with this code.
    You may thereafter continue your registration on the platform.
  • When registering as a new user, enter the required information and select a unique password.
  • For more detailed instructions on registering on and using the platform, refer to the VIP Platform Manual.

Once you have successfully registered on the VIP Platform, you can thereafter simply login with your email address and password, and you will immediately be presented with your VIP Platform Dashboard.

From your Dashboard, you can easily:

  • Submit new queries.
  • Review your existing and past queries.
  • Access the Sagacious Knowledge Hub.
  • Book an appointment with a Sagacious IP Consultant.
  • Access the Sagacious Tech Explorer.

These are all invaluable resources relating to Intellectual Property that will greatly benefit you and your organization.


To learn more, visit the Sagacious IP website at, the Sagacious IP VIP Platform at, or contact GInI at