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GInI Membership

GInI membership lets you become part of a very unique organization, a society dedicated to all the brilliant and innovative minds out there, a place that brings together people and ideas, and a lab to conceive, create, test, experiment, and succeed. Being a member gives you exclusive access to incredible networking opportunities and member-only roundtable events. You will constantly have access to all of GInI’s blogs, forums, articles, publications, and news relating to the field of innovation. You will also gain access to special pricing and discounts on GInI’s certifications, exams, events, renewals, publications, online assessment tools, and other resources. No other organization delivers the caliber of community and resources that GInI does.


GInI Chapters

GInI Chapters are open groups of GInI Members who live and/or work in a common geographic area, and therefore wish to network together in that area – so as to learn Innovation from one another in a very practical manner.

Why We Need GInI Chapters

GInI Chapters serve many important functions.  Among these are the following:

Defining Your Chapter

Each Chapter, if it is to grow into a healthy and self-sustaining group, needs to establish what uniquely defines it as a group… why it exists, who it intends to serve, and what types of issues it wishes to address.

If the Chapter is to ultimately attract new members and get them engaged in the life of the group, then the answers to these questions should not only be interesting, they must actually be very compelling.  Otherwise the Chapter can struggle to maintain engagement and participation over time.  Leaders must therefore address and answer these question and allow their answers to focus the Chapter as it grows and evolves.

Your Chapter's Leader

Within each GInI Chapter, there is to be a set of leaders, each of whom are to possess some level of expertise in one or more areas of Innovation.  

The primary objectives for these Leaders include the following:


The specific leadership of a given Chapter can take on any number of forms, but in general, it will need to encompass the following roles in some form or another:


For each of these roles – President and Vice Presidents – Global Innovation Institute grants the individual a free professional membership in GInI as a GInI Council Member.

Aside from these explicit leadership roles, the Chapter may also recruit any additional number of Chapter managers to further assist with the above tasks and activities, as the formal leaders feel is needed.  These leaders may also, if they so desire and if appropriate, select certain Facilitators and Moderators to help run the Chapter’s different events, as well as its online virtual community (hosted on the GInI Community Portal). 

Finally, all members of the Chapter should in fact be recruited to help drive the ongoing growth of the Chapter by helping to market it and its activities to their respective networks, and by attempting to recruit new members to the Chapter.

As a Chapter Member, How Do I Contribute?

In order for your Chapter to thrive and grow, it relies on the engagement and energy of each and every member.  You should seek, therefore, to be actively engaged in the life and activities of your Chapter – becoming an integral part of what makes it unique and powerful.

More specifically, as a Chapter Member you should seek to do the following:


GInI Chapter Formation

Initiating and operating a viable and sustainable GInI Chapter requires the dedication of a group of highly-committed volunteers, each of whom must be active GInI Members in good standing.

The following is a brief overview of the Chapter Start-Up Requirements, Commitments, and Process.


The Time Commitment


The Start Up Requirements

In order for a group of GInI Members to launch a new GInI Chapter, they must meet the following three (3) requirements.

  • There needs to be a minimum of at least six (6) GInI Members – each active and in good standing – who are interested in forming the Chapter, and thereby seeding its membership.
  • There needs to be a minimum of at least three (3) GInI Members – each active and in good standing – who will serve as the Chapter’s initial Leadership Team.
  • There needs to be a minimum of at least two (2) GInI Members – each active and in good standing – who will coordinate all of the necessary Chapter start-up activities. These individuals will generally be a part the Chapter’s initial Leadership Team.


The Chapter Start Up Process & Timeline

In order to startup a new GInI Chapter, its organizing leaders will need to undertake the following process steps.

  • Establish the purpose of the Chapter.
  • Ensure that there is adequate interest from a prospective community to support a Chapter with that purpose.
  • Identify prospective Leaders for the Chapter, and then recruit a cohort of Leaders from amongst that set to help launch and lead the Chapter.
  • Review GInI’s Chapter Start-Up Requirements and ensure that the new Chapter is adequately addressing each of those requirements.
  • As a leadership group, select a unique name for the Chapter – one that uniquely identifies it amongst all of the GInI Chapters.
  • As a leadership group, establish more specific goals and objectives for the Chapter.
  • Complete the GInI Chapter Start-Up Application Form and submit to GInI for review.
  • After submitting the GInI Chapter Start-Up Application Form, GInI will notify the group’s organizing leaders within 1 - 2 weeks of whether:
    • GInI has approved their application to become a new GInI Chapter.
    • GInI needs additional information before it can approve their application.
    • GInI has rejected their application to become a new GInI Chapter – and why so.
  • If your Chapter is approved by GInI, then a member of GInI’s Chapter Team will contact you to review your next steps in fully launching that new Chapter.
  • In general, the time needed to bring a new GInI Chapter up to active status can vary between one to two months from the date of Application approval, depending in part on how quickly or slowly its founding leadership team chooses to proceed.


The Chapter Launch & Operations Process
In order to launch and operate a new GInI Chapter, its leaders will undertake the following process steps.


The Chapter Financial Practices

In order to manage your Chapter’s financial affairs properly, its leaders are required to adhere to the following financial practices.


The Chapter Maintenance Process

In order to sustain your Chapter for the long run, it should seek to undertake the following good practices.


For further information on GInI’s Chapters, contact us at