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About GInI

GInI is the world’s leading professional certification, business accreditation, and membership association in the field of innovation. GInI aims to advance individual careers and transform organizational achievements by advancing the profession of innovation leadership. It does this through its globally recognized standards, tools, publications, resources, professional development courses, certifications, applied research, and networking opportunities. All certificates and accreditations available through GInI reflect the most current methods, trends, and strategies in innovation leadership.


GInI sets the standard for innovation excellence around the globe.

GInI Mission

To transform people, organizations and the world to Innovation 2.0 and beyond.

GInI awards innovation certifications to professionals who:

Findings from GInI’s recent survey conducted in September of 2019 shows that:



GInI Vision

A better performing world because of us.



GInI Brand


Welcome to the new world of Innovation. Welcome to GInI.

For too long the world has gone without a clear, strong voice for what makes effective innovators, innovation managers, innovation strategists, and innovation executives. We’re here to change that.

GInI brand was designed to stand out and represent clearly who we are and how we think and act differently about Innovation. It is our unique identity as the go-to source for advancing Innovation as a formal profession. In the very crowded marketplace of voices, our recognized certifications, accreditations, and other resources demonstrate our commitment to this cause, and to giving the world the best possible standards against which to gauge innovation prowess.

As we continue our global expansion, we are committed to constantly providing the tools and resources businesses and government agencies need to stay on the leading edge of innovation capability.

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