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on 25 May 2022 2:06 PM

Welcome to The GInI Career Center

GInI is extremely pleased to announce that the GInI Career Center is fully open for business!

The GInI Career Center can be found at 

The GInI Career Center is the premier platform for interested employers and high-caliber innovation professionals – across all disciplines and career stages – to be able to find and connect with one another.  The Center is powered by the leading provider of job websites and career centers for organizations like GInI serving specialized members. Moreover, the Center’s mobile-responsive platform makes accessing the Center effortless and seamless across all internet-enabled devices.

For innovation professionals seeking new jobs, the GInI Career Center offers incredible value. GInI members are able to post multiple resumes and cover letters on the Center, as well as seamlessly search for open jobs using a robust set of filters that allow them to focus on just their specific interests.  They can also build a compelling career profile on the Center that leads employers directly to them.  GInI members likewise have full access to the Center’s many career resources, including resume writing tips, interview tips, sample resumes, answers to experts’ frequently asked questions, and more.

For employers, the GInI Career Center provides numerous benefits for helping them to recruit the top innovation professionals into their organizations. Employers are not only able to post their open positions to the Center, but as well those positions get broadcast to GInI’s qualified members in a semi-monthly careers email called the Job Flash, putting those open positions directly into these members’ inboxes.  This allows employers to reach not only active job-seekers, but also passive job-seekers as well.  Employers can also actively search out qualified candidates through the Center’s anonymous resume bank.  This puts the employer in control of finding the qualified talent they are seeking rather than passively waiting for that talent to find them.

For both employers and job-seekers, the GInI Career Center offers multiple means for connecting the two together.

For job-seekers, they can set their resume to “public”, which places their resume into the Center’s anonymous resume bank and allows employers to find them via their resume.  Furthermore, the Center’s Job Alerts makes job searching extremely convenient and accommodating to job-seekers’ busy schedules.  When set up, job-seekers will receive an email each and every time a new job becomes available matching their desired interests and locations.

For employers – in addition to taking advantage of having their open positions broadcast through the Center’s Job Alerts - they can also view and upload public resumes from the Center’s anonymous resume bank.  If they are then interested in reaching out to a particular candidate, all they need do is simply complete a contact request form for that candidate.  If the candidate in return expresses an interest in speaking with that employer, their contact information is released to the employer.  Otherwise if the candidate rejects the request, their anonymity is maintained.

The GInI Career Center is already being actively used by numerous employers and job seekers around the world.  Every day employers are actively searching out capable and talented innovation professionals from amongst GInI’s membership, and from every conceivable discipline.  Many of these are looking specifically for people who’ve attained professional certification from GInI.

GInI invites all of its members to log on to the GInI Career Center at, upload their resume, build a career profile, and then search and apply for jobs matching their unique interests.  The Center shares single-sign-on access with the GInI Member Portal (, which means members will use the same User ID and Password as they use there.

For more information, and to start your journey toward enhancing your career or organization, please visit the GInI Career Center at

“We’re incredibly proud of what the GInI Career Center is doing for GInI’s membership.  Like no other site before it, the GInI Career Center is connecting accomplished innovation professionals around the world with serious employers ready to leverage these professionals to drive fresh new innovation in their businesses.

So for organizations looking to find the world’s most capable innovation talent, look no further than the GInI Career Center.  The Center is home to some of the world’s most accomplished and capable innovation professionals anywhere.

And for accomplished innovation professionals looking to find fresh new opportunities to apply your unique skills and know-how, also look no further than the GInI Career Center.  As the premier platform for innovation careers, you will very likely find exactly what you are looking for here.  I guarantee it.”

– Anthony Mills, Executive Director, Global Innovation Institute