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GInI Exam Tips
on 25 May 2022 2:06 PM

Tips on How to Pass GInI’s Certification Exams

GInI is the world’s leading professional certification, accreditation, and membership association in the field of innovation.

This article will provide guidance and tips that will help you during your preparation for a GInI certification exam:

Tip #1

Make sure you know the structure of your exam.  GInI certification exams are composed of multiple-choice questions, but the number of questions and the allotted completion time vary between certifications. 

Tip #2

Make sure you arrange your environment as GInI requires you to.  It must conform to the following prescriptions:

1. The examination should take place inside a private, secure, quiet, well-lit room.

2. Lighting in the room needs to be of "daylight" quality, and if possible projected from overhead. 
If overhead lighting is not possible, then the light source can’t project from behind the examinee.

3. The examinee cannot leave this room during the examination time.

4. There can be no other people in the room during the examination time.

5. The examinee can have no communications with other parties during the examination time. 
There is to therefore be no verbal communications taking place during this time.

6. The examinee is to sit at a clean desk or table (not on a bed or sofa).

7. There is to be nothing on the desktop or tabletop except for the computer being used and possibly an external camera (for monitoring). In particular, there are to be no books, notebooks, papers, and/or other materials present on the desktop or tabletop, unless otherwise specifically permitted by written guidelines for the exam being taken.

8. There is to be no writing visible on either the desk/table or the surrounding walls.

9. Examinees are not allowed to use any of the following unless otherwise instructed by their      proctor/instructor:

o    MS Word or similar software.

o    MS Excel or similar software.

o    MS PowerPoint or similar software.

o    Calculator (online/computer or handheld).
o    Textbooks (online/computer or hardcopy).

o    Notes (online/computer or hardcopy).

o    Other websites.

10. A web camera must always be focused on the examinee, and so must be correctly situated to do so.

11. If an external camera is used, then to the extent possible it should be placed on the lid of the laptop or elsewhere it will have constant, uninterrupted view of the examinee.

12. There is nothing to be covering the lens of the camera at any time during the examination time.

13. There are to be no other computers running in the room during the examination time.

14. There is to be no music playing in the room during the examination time, whether on the computer or another system.

15. Headphones or earbuds are not to be permitted during the examination time.

Violation of the instructions given for taking an online proctored exam will result in the dismissal of the exam.


Tip #3


Eliminate wrong answers as much as possible, but be sure that they are actually wrong.  This will help you if you’re guessing and not yet sure about your answer.


Tip #4

Get plenty of rest the night before.  Studying for a few more hours right before the exam probably won’t give you a better score than will being extremely well-rested.  You need to structure your time to make sure you're at least getting the minimum of 8 hours of sleep before an exam.

Tip #5

Read the questions carefully.  The question may be misleading and the answers may look alike, so focus. You can break the questions down to ensure you understand what’s being asked.  Make sure you answer all of the questions and review as many questions as you can if you have any extra time left.

Tip #6

Eat brain-boosting, healthy foods like nuts, yogurt, blueberries, and dark chocolate.  Even if you normally skip breakfast or avoid eating when you’re nervous, you should still take the time to eat something.

You should also know:

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Good luck!