GInI Membership

GInI membership lets you become part of a very unique organization, a society dedicated to all the brilliant and innovative minds out there, a place that brings together people and ideas, and a lab to conceive, create, test, experiment, and succeed. Being a member gives you exclusive access to incredible networking opportunities and member-only roundtable events. You will constantly have access to all of GInI’s blogs, forums, articles, publications, and news relating to the field of innovation. You will also gain access to special pricing and discounts on GInI’s certifications, exams, events, renewals, publications, online assessment tools, and other resources. No other organization delivers the caliber of community and resources that GInI does.

Membership Policy

Membership in GInI® is open to any person interested in the declared purposes of the association. An individual seeking membership in GInI will be accepted as a Council Member upon submission, receipt, acceptance, and processing of the online Membership Application Form and payment of the corresponding annual membership fee.

All GInI Individual Memberships are for the specific and sole use of the registered individual for whom payment has been made and as such are non-transferable. Fees are non-refundable and are subject to change at the time of membership renewal.

GInI Council Members agree to pay the initial membership fee, and to remain current in the payment of their annual membership renewal fee upon their annual renewal date in order to continue as a GInI Council Member in good standing.

All GInI Council Members agree to follow the guidelines outlined in GInI’s Trademark Usage Policy concerning the use of GInI’s trademarked and copyrighted properties, including its brand, logos, program names, badges, certificates, published works, and so on.

To join GInI, you must complete GInI’s online Membership Application Form and pay the corresponding annual membership fee. You will be notified by email once your membership has been approved. Each year, you will be notified by email indicating the date by which your annual membership renewal fee is due.

In the case of partial fee payment or payments not received in USD:

  1. Membership will not be activated until full payment has been received in USD.

  2. Registered members will be notified by email of any outstanding fee and will have 30 days to make full payment.

  3. If full payment has not been received within those 30 days, your membership record will be set to inactive.

  4. If payment has been made by check, a copy of the voided check will be scanned and sent to the sender via email.

  5. If payment has been made by money order, the payment will be sent by courier at a cost to the sender.

In the case of surplus payments of membership fees:

  • The surplus will be pro-rated to your membership so that your membership renewal date is extended accordingly.

  • If a member requires GInI to return the surplus, GInI will process the payment within thirty days from the date the request was received.

A charge of 25 USD will be applied to all NSF checks processed by GInI.

Please seek the advice of your personal accountant or local taxation office to determine if membership is tax deductible in your country or region.

Member rights include, but are not limited to, the opportunity to vote on GInI matters and to hold elected or appointed office within GInI and its Communities. Privileges are defined as those tangible and intangible benefits, products, and services offered with membership in the association. GInI is committed to earning your confidence by demonstrating its commitment to international privacy standards.
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