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GInI Announces Powerful New Silicon Valley-Based Innovation Launch Service
  • GInI Announces Powerful New Silicon Valley-Based Innovation Launch Service
Project Description

To date, GInI has taught you all about Innovation.  Now it’s time for your organization to get busy really doing Innovation!


However if you’re like most, you’re very aware that many innovation efforts – when tackled alone – end up failing.  You understand that, for this reason, it is best for your organization to not go this journey alone, but rather for it to come alongside a reliable partner who can walk this journey with you – one having extensive real-world experience conceiving, defining, developing, validating, and scaling major new innovations – as well as the scalable capacity to do so on your organization’s behalf.


GInI is very proud to announce that it has partnered with the corporate venture builder U+ – a one-of-a-kind Innovation Service Partner based in Silicon Valley, USA – to provide your organization with a proventurnkey (end-to-end), drop-in innovation operating service.


With its deep roots in Silicon Valley, U+ delivers digital innovations with true Startup DNA.


Using its well-defined Portfolio Approach, U+ bridges the Innovation Gap by working through five clear stages – Ideation, Validation, Market Testing, Product Build, and Scaling.


This allows U+ to deliver Continuous Innovation on behalf of clients, to help them build and launch entirely new ventures, and to successfully commercialize their new Intellectual Properties.


To learn more about this new partnership, and what it can mean for your organization, visit GInI’s Innovation Launch Center at or contact GInI directly at

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  • Date 16 May 2022
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