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Recognized Innovator
  • Recognized Innovator
Project Description

Global Innovation Institute – GInI – is pleased to announce that effective immediately it is offering – in association with its very popular Innovation Endorsement (InE®) accreditations – a new option for the applying organization to have the individuals who contributed meaningfully to the realization of the innovation officially recognized by GInI as ‘Recognized Innovators’.

Being recognized by GInI as an official Recognized Innovator demonstrates to the world the meaningful contribution one has made to the realization of the new innovation and the subsequent impacts it has produced on behalf of the organizations and its customers.Each individual so recognized will receive directly from GInI a corresponding Recognized Innovator Certificate acknowledging their contribution to the new innovation.

Learn more about GInI’s Innovation Endorsement accreditation at

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  • Date 30 Jan 2023
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